Alison and Gari’s Beeston Manor Wedding – Preston, Lancashire

September 6, 2018 Blog

How/ where did we originally meet?
We met at a wedding on the 4th August 2013. The couple who’s wedding it was was trying to set me up so I felt awkward and asked another guest to pretend to date me if anyone asked. I ended up sat next to Gari at the wedding breakfast and he ended up eating my meal and my sweet favours, Gari really appreciated that I would share my food with him and it was the first time he tried Quorn. My pretend date asked if I was ok if he could leave as he was starting a new job in the morning but I stayed as I ended up getting on really well with Gari, he offered to make sure I got home ok ( no funny business he was a true gent ) and the rest is history.

How did Gari propose?
It was the night before my 29th birthday, I had organised a meal with friends. There was 18 of us, it was dessert time and Gari had sorted out a birthday cake. The music came on, the lights went out, I blew my candles out and when the lights came back on Gari was down on one knee. We then went for a few drinks with our friends to carry on the celebration.

Why did you choose Beeston Manor?
It was perfect for me, I fell in love straight away. I loved the fact that the decor was neutral so we could make our wedding how we wanted. I love how it’s been transformed from an old barn (my dad is a builder by trade), the personal touch that it’s run by family but my favourite is that you go outside and it silent (so peaceful). The grounds surrounding are stunning. Gari took a little longer to come round, think he found it overwhelming at first so we went back again for a second look and Gari then fell in love (plus he could see how much I loved it).

What did you want you wedding to be like?
Relaxed and fun mainly, we had a rustic kind of feel but we just did what we liked. We wanted everyone to have a great time, like it was one massive party.

What was your favourie part of the day?
We both agree that the ceremony was perfect, we got our own little fairytale moment. The whole day was amazing and perfect for us but the ceremony felt magical and I was marrying my best friend.

Have you got any advice for future brides?
Just remember it’s about you two, it’s so difficult not to listen to anyone else and people give you their opinions but do what you think is right for both of you. Remember who’s day it is, start as you mean to go on, you’re a partnership.  Enjoy the day and take a minute to look around and see how beautiful all the planning you have done come together!

Tell us about your honeymoon?
So we escaped to Spain for a mini moon a couple of days after our wedding but our official honeymoon is March 2019 and we are going to Dubai then off to the Maldives.

What was important to you when choosing your photographers?
The style of photographs that were offered we liked the natural photos. We both wanted to feel comfortable and be able to easily get on with who we chose, kind on par with us, some of our friends are crazy ( in a good way). The fact you blended in with our wedding was more than what we could ask for, you were like guests/ friends. Two photographers are better than one, means we got more covered on the day ( I’m glad now as the day is such a blur, pictures are what have refreshed my memory as it’s so full on ). To be fair everything you guys offered and how you were on the day were what we wanted in our photographers. You’re both just awesome.

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