Hannah and Damien’s Grange Hotel Wedding, Lake District, Cumbria

August 22, 2018 Blog

How did you originally meet?
We met in Manchester in July 2014. Our first date consisted of a few cocktails in Spinningfields followed by more cocktails at Revolution de Cuba. We then went for some food at Sapporo Teppanyaki where they cook the food in front of you and as a trick they throw cooked potato chips at you for you to catch in your mouth (no hands)… so as you can imagine this is very comical and Hannah ended up with more potato chips on her lap then in her mouth!

How did Damien propose?
We went away to Italy in May 2017 for one of Hannah’s friend’s wedding inTuscany, but thought we would extend the holiday to see more of Italy. The first place we went to was Rome. Unbeknown to Hannah, Damien had planned to propose in Rome and had asked her dad for her hand in marriage in the December prior to us going. We had a lovely first day walking around and seeing the sights and Damien got down on one knee and proposed in a place overlooking the Coliseum and Roman Forum (awwww). We then celebrated this by consuming 3 bottles of prosecco followed by a tub of Pringles!! (When in Rome-haha)

Why did you choose The Grange Hotel?
We knew we wanted to get married in the Lake District and loved the Cartmel/Grange-over-Sands area. As soon as we saw the Grange Hotel and met the staff we knew we wanted to get married here. They were fantastic and made us feel so welcome (and they make the best shortbread biscuits)
What did you want your wedding to be like? We both wanted a very relaxed wedding and more importantly we wanted everyone to have a really good time. We wanted to make more of a weekend celebration (as one day is not enough!) and we were so lucky that so many of our nearest and dearest joined us in all the celebrations.

What was your favourite part of the day?
It is hard to choose one favourite as we both loved every minute of the day. Just having all our family and friends with us to share our special day was absolutely amazing.
Damien –If I had to narrow it down it would be seeing Hannah for the first time at the church and the
wedding breakfast.
Hannah- If I had to pick one part it would have to be the singing waiters at the wedding breakfast as we
kept this part a secret from everyone so it would be a surprise on the day and they went down an absolute treat! I don’t think there was one person left sat down the entire time. Needless to say- I don’t think many people ate their puddings!

Have you got any advice for future brides?
Enjoy every minute of the day as it goes sooo fast! Take time out throughout the day for you and your new hubby to just take everything in and see everyone having an amazing time.

Tell us about your honeymoon.
We travelled Cuba straight after our wedding. The first stop was Havana, which was fantastic, full of vintage/classic cars, live music and rum and cigars everywhere! We got recommended some fabulous restaurants and discovered our new favourite drink- mojito daiquiri (yum). We then travelled to Trinidad, which was 4 hours from Havana, and was like going back in time to the Wild West. There were no cars and everyone travels by horse and looks like cowboys (no jokes!). Here we had our first experience of riding horses up into the mountains and drinking Cuban coffee with rum on the mountain side, which was an unforgettable experience. For the final part of our trip we went to Varadero which was the perfect end to our honeymoon. This was total luxury and in stark contrast to the first part of our trip. We were sipping cocktails on the white sandy beaches, snorkelling in the crystal blue waters, scuba diving and what Cuban all-inclusive is not complete without eating and drinking yet more rum cocktails by the pool. We would definitely recommend!

What was important to you when choosing your photographers?
We wanted to get amazing photos that capture the day entirely. We wanted a mixture of natural and posing photos of which Eighth Avenue were ace at!

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