Laura and Niall’s Shaw Hill Wedding

July 16, 2018 Blog

We had the privilege of photographing Laura and Niall at their Shaw Hill wedding – the sun was shining, the guests were having an amazing time and we got to play with a golf cart – what more could we ask for!?

How did you originally meet?
Me and Niall originally met a few years ago through friends and we were friends for quite a few years until we went on a night out one night in Chorley and thats when Niall took the plunge to ask me out!

How did Niall propose?
Niall proposed in London whilst visiting my brother for my birthday. He took me out for dinner and a few drinks. It took him all day to ask me!

Why did you choose the Shaw Hill as your venue?
We chose Shaw Hill because we just loved the views and the venue. One of the best we had seen also my mum got married there so we thought it would be nice for us to have our reception there too.

What did you want your wedding to be like?
We wanted our wedding to just be perfect for the two of us but also so it included our little boy. Even though he wasn’t in the mood to participate in anything!

What was your favourite part of the day?
Our favourite part of the day was being in church and actually saying our vows. (Although we did enjoy the party at the end)

What advice would you give to future bride and grooms?
My advice to any bride would be to just enjoy it as it goes so fast. Also take time out just the two of you to appreciate the day.

Tell us about your honeymoon…
We went for a few days away to Edinburgh after the wedding which was lovely gorgeous weather and even got Niall doing a bit of sight seeing haha. We have booked to go the Cape Verde in November for our honeymoon which we are looking forward too.

What was important to you when choosing your photographers?
The main thing for us when choosing our photographers where the mannerisms and character which you guys at eight avenue just stood out to us. You are both so lovely laid back yet professional at the same time. Also it was important for us to see previous work of the photographers which when we saw Eighth Avenue at a wedding fair we loved their work!

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