Heidi and Lee’s Stirk House Wedding

July 17, 2018 Blog

We had the privilege to share Heidi and Lee’s big day at Stirk House – our first time at the beautiful venue.

Their day was awesome, it was full of love, fun and laughter from start to finished – topped off with absolutely gorgeous sunshine all day. We got to meet so many amazing people, a lot of them police officers who always have a good story to share.  Frozen sausage – say no more.  (Police weddings are ALWAYS awesome – it feels like we have photographed half of the constabulary in the North West.  If you get a chance to attend one – DO IT!)

It was a pleasure capturing your day guys – enjoy your photos!

How did you originally meet?

While we would love it to be some magical tale that you see in the movies, we actually met online! After some time chatting and laughing the phone, we arranged a date. On the day, Heidi spent some considerable time getting lost on the way to the arranged meeting point and saw half the train stations between Lytham and the moon – and nothing has changed since!

How did Lee propose?

Now this was the perfect setting… we went to Iceland in November 2016. After travelling to our destination – the most beautiful hotel which was covered in snow – we got changed and went for a walk (and did a few snow angels!!) In a quiet, totally stunning spot in the hotel grounds, surrounded by snow and stars, Lee got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. An hour of “oh my god” later and some champagne, it finally sank in!! And he’d asked my Dad for his permission before we went and I had no idea!

Why did you choose Stirk House?

Such an easy question to answer – it’s amazing! From the minute we walked in to look, we knew it was the perfect venue for us. The staff were absolutely tremendous from day one – we literally can’t thank them enough for just how amazing they were, with special mention to Dave the Master of Ceremonies, and in particular to Danielle. The food was out of this world – we had a wedding taster session and we were blown away by the quality of the food. One of the best meals we’ve ever had! The setting is absolutely stunning and we LOVED it. It’s the most beautiful location with so many lovely places for photos and also for guests to relax. We want to go back and do it all again!!

What did you want your wedding to be like?

Fun!!! Full of laughs, full of love, and full of colour! As we said on the day, it’s a party not a show! We wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, enjoy a relaxed day and be happy! We wanted memories for people to take away and remember the day as a fun filled one with lots of laughter – and I think we managed that!

What was your favourite part of the day?

There’s so many things we could say that were highlights- too many to mention!! The best bit was having all our family, friends and loved ones with us sharing such a special day and having a good time. We literally loved every second from start to finish!

Have you got any advice for future brides?

We know it’s been said before and people said it to us but seriously enjoy every second! The day flies by so quickly, we’ve never known a day like it! Laugh, smile, take it all in… if things go wrong (For example, you could trip over the beginning of the aisle carpet … yep, that happened) – laugh, smile, and carry on! Take time to have a minute to yourselves, even just to stop and take it in. It’s literally the best day and you need to enjoy yourself. It’s a day of having your most loved and favourite people together – make the most of it.

Tell us about your honeymoon

We’re getting there… we’ve put it on a short delay due to 2 new furry additions coming to the family to join our bulldogs, and throw in a house move as well! It’s really nice having something to plan and look forward to after the wedding to be honest, so we’ll get cracking soon!

What was important to you when choosing your photographers?

Ours was a no brainer to be honest! I’ve known Iain for a lonnngggggg time as we used to work together back in the day, and when Lee and I booked our wedding date I immediately sent a message to Eighth Avenue to see if they were free. I’d seen their work through posts on social media, plus my job takes me past their studio on occasion. Having looked at their pictures as time has gone by, we knew that they were the perfect choice. Lots of natural photographs, and we loved how both Iain and Suz work together to get different perspectives and photo angles. They were absolutely amazing, so much fun to be around and their communication is second to none. Our guests loved them – so much so one of our bridesmaids has booked them for her wedding! We had every faith in what they were doing, the pictures they were capturing and there were some amazing surprises on seeing the final edit. We chose Iain and Suz because their work is amazing, they are just so wonderful, professional and talented. An absolute credit to the industry
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