Cally and Dave’s Beeston Manor Wedding

May 3, 2018 Blog

Snow. Sun. Amazing, crazy guests. A very laid back bride and groom. This was always going to be an awesome wedding!

We had the pleasure of being with Cally and Dave for our third wedding of the year, after we met at Rivington for the pair’s pre wedding we knew it would be a great wedding and it didn’t disappoint!

Where/how did you originally meet?

We originally met in school and didn’t really talk to one another til we ended up at the same college together, Dave pulled what moves he had on me via MSN messenger (for those of you that don’t remember it was like WhatsApp but on a computer), and we finally got together in the first year of college at a New Years party. We’ve pretty much spent all our time together since!

How did Dave propose?

I was told to book some time off work and pack a bag for a surprise trip. It wasn’t until going through airport security that Dave gave the game away and I found out I was going to Paris. After a beautiful night spent walking around Paris accompanied by some amazing food, Dave proposed to me at midnight in front of the glass pyramids of the Louvre.

Why did you choose Beeston Manor?

We had attended a wedding a few years previously at Beeston, and it was always a place that had stuck in our mind. From the moment we began to plan our wedding we knew this was the first wedding venue we wanted to view. It was exactly like we remembered, cosy and rustic with a beautiful landscape. We decided there and then that this was the place we wanted to get married and booked the same day.

What did you want your wedding to be like?

A relaxed fun enjoyable day surrounded by our loved ones. As it was St Patrick’s day it was only right to have a great knees up and plenty of beer flowing in the evening!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Dave – My favourite part of the day was seeing Cally walk down the aisle, best moment of my life so far!

Cally – Having all our Family and Friends around us to share the moment i married my best friend!

Have you got any advice for future brides?

When planning the day don’t let other peoples opinions sway what you want. It’s your day and should resemble you and your fiancee.

But most importantly, enjoy the day !!! You’ve spent months trying to recreate your dream (pinterest) wedding and the day really does fly by. Ensure you grab some special moments with your husband to soak up the occasion.

Tell us about your honeymoon….

We wanted to go somewhere we could relax and enjoy our first weeks as husband and wife!! We had always wanted to go to the Maldives, and had imagined how beautiful and peaceful it would be. We can not describe how lovely it really was, paradise does not begin to describe it.

What was important to you when choosing your photographers?

One of the most important factors for us, was finding a photographer who was friendly, and would put us as ease when having our pictures taken. The first time we met Iain and Suz, they were so welcoming and spoke with so much enthusiasm about Beeston Manor, that you could see they had fallen in love with the venue the way we had. Having someone that knew the venue meant that not only did they manage to get the best out of us they also got the venue in all its glory !

We can’t thank Iain and Suz enough for the beautiful photos they’ve taken that preserve the best day of our lives so far.

Cally and Dave-1

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